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White Label IT Infrastructure
We utilise robust, world-class, Tier 3, N+1 data centre facilities around Australia that are situated within populated areas so we can offer the lowest possible latency times while maintaining the highest possible speeds. As we only utilise N+1 data centes, this allows us to deliver a 100% uptime guarantee when it comes to power and cooling.

N+1 redundant UPS power subsystem, with instantaneous failover if the primary UPS fails.
N+1 power giving us A + B power feeds for power redundancy in each rack, backed by MVA diesel generators.
N+1 network utilising multiple upstream providers for transit and peering.
Fire detection systems and passive smoke detectors are installed & monitored by a onsite NOC team.
Each site is manned, 24 hours, 7 days a week with CCTV security.


We operate an enterprise grade network that delivers a guaranteed 99.99% with a SLA and a target to achieve a network uptime of 100%.

As part of our uptime guarantee, our Australian network is protected using Micron21's DDoS protection that is specifically designed to safe guard our network and deliver a low latency for our Australian customers. We're able to maintain an uptime guarantee because Micron21 can simply pass on local and international clean traffic to us before delivering it to our network.
Our network utilises multiple upstream transit & peering providers so we are able to offer network redundancy across each of our sites plus, we're able to provide the fastest route possible when it comes to connectivity. Between each of our locations, we're able to utilise Gigabit fibre to connect each of our data centres together. Our point of presence across Australia continues to grow and so does our network.


Our Data Centres
New South Wales

Equinix - SY3



NextDC - M1



NextDC - B1


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